The customer or his representative must be present during the move and final “walk-through”. Our time runs continuously until payment is completed.

Relocation duration depends on various reasons: quantity of goods, furniture assembling /disassembling time, distance between locations, etc.; thus we cannot be responsible, if time of moving is longer than Customer had anticipated.

If it is not possible to finish the move in the time allocated and manpower available to us, City Hound Professional Movers reserves the right to attend to the other obligations in our schedule before returning to complete the job.

If we do not finish the moving by 10PM, we lock the truck, and move it to the secured parking, and resume the moving next business day. Customer is responsible to pay for the actual transportation time from Customer’s place to the secured parking location and from secured parking to the Customer’s place.

If moving takes more than one business day, another agreement must be signed for each additional business day. In that case Customer has to pay at the end of each business day.

If any of our Customers receive any kind of injuries that are in any way related to the moving (regardless of the time of the incident: prior to the moving, during, or after the moving is completed), we are not, and cannot be held liable for such.

Any issues involving a move must be addressed during the course of the move. Jobs can take longer due to a variety of factors. These include, but not limited to; customers being unprepared, not having exclusive use of an elevator, multiple disassembles or reassembles, additional stops, long carries, and many other factors. 


If during loading or unloading we receive a parking ticket, a Customer is obligated to reimburse us the entire amount stated on the ticket.

Because Customers have various quantities of goods; we do not guarantee that all goods can be fit in the truck in one trip. In that case, if possible, we provide another truck. Arriving time and size of additional truck depend on the company’s availability. Additional truck will be provided at a separate charge.

If the Customer refuses to pay for the services, we reserve the right to transfer all goods to our own designated storage. In that case Customer will be responsible for all prior, and future hours worked, packing materials, and storage fees.

Customer has to pay full amount for the moving services after the movers have completed the job. If Customer does not pay the full amount, moving company reserves the right not to honor any Customer’s claim(s).

Valuation – all items that are located inside or outside of the all the facilities, and areas where moving takes place will be automatically covered for $0.60 cents per pound per article at no additional cost. This coverage insures recovery at $0.60 multiplied by the weight of the item. Thus, if an item weighting 20 pounds is lost, or damaged, we will recover $12 for that item, unless additional insurance has been purchased by the customer in advance of the move. If you would like to purchase additional insurance, please let us know.

In case any legal action is brought against our company, City Hound Professional Movers will not be held responsible for any of Customer’s legal expenses or attorney fees accrued during legal proceedings.

We will not process damage claims until payment has been received in full. We also will not process damage claims in the case of a credit card charge-back.

City Hound Professional Movers does not accept personal checks as a valid form of payment for the services provided.


No liability shall be provided on the following items, unless the item is specifically listed on the shipping document by description and value; bills of exchange, bonds, bullion, precious metals, currency, deeds, documents, evidence of debt, credit cards, firearms, money, jewelry, watches, precious stones, pearls, gold, silver or platinum articles, stock certificates, stamps collections.

No liability shall be provided for the mechanical or electrical derangements of pianos, radios, clocks, computers, refrigerators, television sets, automatic washers/dryers, or other instruments or appliances unless evidenced by external damage to such equipment.

Our services does not include removal or installation of articles secured to the premises. COMPANY STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER TO INSTALL ALL APPLIANCES. City Hound Professional Movers will not connect/disconnect washer/dryer, refrigerator, freezer or ice makers. Customer must check or accept any plumbing connections. Any assistance we give is as a courtesy only.

The only way to protect Customer’s furniture from scratching and damaging, and not to damage the walls of the properties, is to pack the furniture into blanket pads, and then shrink-wrap/tape it all.

If the Customer does not want the furniture to be packed in the blanket pads, and then shrink-wrapped, we can only do the moving if Customer will release our company from liability for any damages by signing a separate Damage Waiver.

We reserve the right not to move any item(s) that cannot be moved safely in their present condition, unless the Customer signs Damage Waiver.

We are not responsible for any damages of the goods, if we are moving goods which have been previously packed, and not by our crew.

If damage is caused by our service, City Hound Professional Movers reserves the right to repair, compensate for, or replace the damaged items in question. However, light scratches, scuffs, nicks, dirt, and other light damages are not covered. More severe damage is looked at by all parties involved and assessed before a decision is made. Wall scrathes, scuffs and dings are not covered.

In the event when any person except the employees of City Hound Professional Movers will be involved in the relocation process by assisting, packing, unpacking, assembling, disassembling and / or driving the moving truck; Customer releases City Hound Professional Movers from any liability for possible loss or damage of goods, and any related claims.

We are not responsible for electrical and mechanical functions and/or damages of the items we move, because we cannot know their electrical and mechanical condition before the moving services took place.

We assume no liability of any kind of loss or damage to goods caused by moth or other infestation, rust, deterioration, an Act of God, an act of governmental agency or public enemy, driveways that cannot support the weight of our trucks, or other causes beyond our control. We are not responsible for damage or breakage to items made of pressed wood.

City Hound Professional Movers does generally not move grand pianos. We can assist you with upright pianos if there is no stairs involved for additional fee.

Simulated wood furniture includes particle board furniture, pressed wood furniture etc. It is typically made from engineered wood materials with a veneer surface. IKEA furniture is the most popular example of this kind of furniture. Simulated wood furniture is typically “flat-packed” during shipping and then assembled at home. According to manufacturer specifications, simulated wood furniture is not designed to be moved as assembled furniture.To ensure safe delivery of your simulated wood furniture, we recommend that you disassemble it before moving, thereby allowing City Hound Professional Movers to move the flat-packed pieces. If you choose not to disassemble beforehand, we will do our absolute best to move your furniture carefully, however, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

Customer is responsible for informing City Hound Professional Movers if they possess exceptionally large or heavy items (more than 150lb), so City Hound Professional Movers can be prepared with the necessary equipment and adequate “manpower”. In such a case, City Hound Professional Movers reserves the right to send additional workers to assist with the item at reasonable rates. If adequate “manpower” is not available, City Hound Professional Movers reserves the right to not move the item if it might result in a dangerous situation. If movers feel the exceptionally large or heavy item may cause damage in being moved, they will notify client of this possibility. If customer agrees, City Hound Professional Movers will be as careful as possible, but is not responsible if any damage does occur to that item or walls, door frames, and the like. If customer does not agree, City Hound Professional Movers will not move that item. Additional fees will apply for large items that wasn’t mentioned or less weight estimated by the Customer (such as: pianos, gun safes, fish tanks etc.)

If any damages occur during the move it must be pointed out before City Hound Professional Movers crew leaves the premises. City Hound Professional Movers won’t be held responsible for any damages/loses if the crew left the premises. Please check your belongings during the unloading process and report any damages to the crew leader.


If the truck assigned for the move breaks down.

If we have any previous orders, because the completion time is previously unknown.

If there are road signs “No trucks over 5000 pounds” or “No trucks”, we must follow the Rules, and detour these signs.

If we are working during pick hours, when traffic is heavy.


If the Customer cancels or reschedules within a week before the move it amounts to one hour fee. Less than 48 hours is a 2 hour’s fee. These fees do not apply if the rescheduling is due to an Act of God.

If for any reason Customer decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, Customer is obligated to pay for the time that we spent from the start up until the moment when our movers have stopped working. (2 hour minimum charge applies).

At any moment during or before the move, if any unusual circumstances arise, or if for any reason Customer displays unruly behavior, the crew reserves the right to stop the job, lock the truck with the customer’s belongings, and request for a deposit. Deposit is calculated with regards to the entire job, including hours already worked, loading time, driving, unloading time, packing materials, and other extras. If the collected sum is more than the actual cost of services, at the very end, the amount will be recalculated with accordance to actual hours worked, and the difference will be reimbursed.

If Customer does not behave in an appropriate manner (insults movers, tries to force movers), we have the right to stop the service immediately, and unload all the goods next to the truck. The Customer must pay for the service time from the very start of moving up until the moment service was canceled by us. (2 hour minimum charge applies).


By sending “confirmation email” or replying to our email –  you agree and accept all terms, this shall become a contract for services at the rates stated and will represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the Customer. Only an officer of the company, owner or partner has power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. We shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.